Open Positions : RN Visit Nurse


The Registered Nurse is responsible for visiting patients at their home or facility and providing the assigned nursing care of each patient assigned as a Home Health Nurse. The Registered Nurse is responsible for assessing patient needs in order to promote the best care the Home Health Agency can give for recovery and rehabilitation.


1. Graduate of an accredited school of nursing and be licensed in the State of Florida.


2. Complete knowledge of nursing principles and procedures of skills in the technique of good patient care.


3.Good mental health and the quality of retaining emotional stability in situations of varying circumstances.


4.Minimum of one-year experience, preferably in Hospital experience.


5.Meets the physical and health requirements of the Home Health Agency.



  1.  Assesses in depth upon the admission of the patient, the patient’s physical and emotional status, level of competency, home environment, safety factors, family or household member’s ability to assist with care and the needs of the patient. These are incorporated into the admission notes.
  2.  Formulates a nursing care plan with the goals indicated and the means of implementing the correct procedures to attain these goals.
  3.  Records all clinical and progress notes and enters them into the patient’s permanent record files, and is responsible for the clinical record for each patient receiving nursing care.
  4.  Has knowledge of patient’s condition at all times and informs the physician and/or the Nursing Supervisor immediately of any change in the patient’s condition that warrants attention. Also observes, evaluates and reports to the physician the patient’s reaction to drugs or treatments, or if there are deviations from the plan of care.
  5.  Schedules his/her daily itinerary primarily based on the priority of care needed, length of time visits will require, proximity to other patients to be visited and other related factors.

6. Contact the agency at all times with any questions or concerns.


Nursing Duties May Include: Wound Care, Diabetic Care, Medication Management, IV Infusion, Wound Vac Care, TPN Administration, Foley/Catheter Care. *Each nursing care will be assigned based on your qualification.





Employment Type


Minimum Experience

1 Year