Meet the SailorGirl Team

Our high expectations and elevated standards provide safeguards unlike any other agency. Our employees are required to complete a comprehensive orientation program where our stringent care expectations and safety are reviewed in detail. We take pride in our employees skill, expertise, and compassion.

Who is SailorGirl
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Our organization takes great pride in delivering exceptional home care, transportation, and medical staffing services to those in need. Our team of dedicated professionals are committed to providing the highest quality of care for the safety and comfort of our clients. We understand the importance of delivering a seamless experience to those we serve, and we consistently exceed expectations. The services range from reliable and secure transportation to compassionate home care assistance. We are deeply committed to improving the lives of our clients, and our unwavering dedication ensures unparalleled care and support. We maintain the highest standards of excellence in all of our services, and we take our commitment to quality very seriously. When you choose our organization, you can be confident that you are receiving unparalleled care and support.

Jeanine Johnson, LPN, Owner of SailorGirl 


Why did you start SailorGirl Services?

“This is easy, I gained various work experiences, some good and some bad, while working for different organizations. This helped me identify the type of company I wanted to create and represent. Our current culture is very important to me thereby creating a way to help my community. Lastly, my friends and family encouraged me to pursue my entrepreneurial dream thus, empowering me as a woman.”

SailorGirl Services was started because of a passion for the healthcare industry and a desire to create a positive impact on patient care. Jeanine wanted to create a company with a strong culture and focus on community. With both customer service and accountability, SailorGirl Services strives to grow, not only professionally but personally as well. 

Jeanine also wanted to be an inspiration to other entrepreneurs and show that she could pursue her career while still being a mother.

Leadership Team

The Leadership Team forecast and advance the standards needed to elevate and propel SailorGirls’s employees to advance and grow, encouraging continuous development and progress.



Tekeiria Randall

Executive Assistant

Melissa Gray

Clinical Coordinator

Chuck Zalewski

Accounting Department

Adam Bowden

Transport Manager

Lis Begin

Contracted Publicist

Find out today why so many businesses choose SailorGirl. We know firsthand how difficult it is to fill certain positions. We provide facilities with highly qualified professionals possessing the specific qualifications facilities need to fulfill any service that may be required, at any time. Try SailorGirl today and we promise you will not be disappointed!